"We first met in July 2002 through KNO and dated for a few months. We then split, as Kirsten didn't feel that she was ready for a relationship - but we kept in touch, on and off, for about a year. In August 2003, I invited her to Paris for a "platonic" weekend - just as friends enjoying time together. After that weekend, we got back together, and have been ever since. I just thought that I would let you know that we were married on May 25th 2006 in Malta. So thank you for your service - we are another of your successful couples!"

David & Kirsten of Crawley, West Sussex.

Kids No Object

KNO Dating was established in 1986 by two single parents who knew only too well how difficult it was to start dating again. Even if you manage to find the time to socialise, how can you be sure that the people you meet won't run a mile when they find out you have children?

KNO removes that problem entirely. Everyone who joins us is happy to meet someone who has a ready-made family!

Over the years, we have been regularly featured on TV, radio, and in national newspapers and magazines. We've also had a TV documentary made about us which appeared on Channel 5.

We provide a friendly, interactive and SAFE website that you can browse and initially use for FREE!

Sign up to KNO Dating today - what have you got to lose? Only your single status!